Ah, finally an easy one. Merlin. A BBC Drama (note drama! not documentary in any way shape or form, so yes there are incredible historical inaccuracies, it makes for better drama) based off the King Arthur legend. Series 4 finished a little while ago, so it’s not currently airing, but it still is my favourite TV show.

Spoiler Alert!

Series 4 had a fairly epic ending. Arthur’s King after his father, Uther died earlier in the series, and his half-sister Morgana, a witch, has managed to take over the castle of Camelot, and Arthur, with his faithful manservant Merlin have to get it back. Which of course they do and right as the end Arthur and Guinevere finally get married! After several misunderstandings and happenings, they finally get married. And still no one knows that Merlin has magic. Oh yeah, big thing of this series, magic is considered evil and is thus outlawed, under pain of death. So Merlin’s been keeping his magic on the quiet. Oh, and right right at the end of the episode, the baby white dragon turned up again. Squeeee! Yes Merlin has dragons, well, up until recently just the one, and we’ve only seen the baby twice now, but dragons!

Favourite TV Program: Merlin