My favourite song, tough one. Mainly because my taste in music, or what I feel like listening to changes every week or so. I download some new songs and then listen to them on repeat until I get bored with them and download something new. Currently on my recently downloaded playlist:

  • Do It Our Way (Play) – Alesha Dixon : Currently on the weight watchers advert on TV, saw the advert and had to download
  • Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri : Mum’s been on about this one, and it is a nice tune.
  • A Thousand Years – Christina Perri : Heard this one in a shop, and I know which soundtrack it’s from, I’m ignoring that bit as this song sparked off a whole new idea for a story.
  • Do You Feel What I Feel – JLS : Saw this on TV on new year’s. Catchy.
  • Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 : Late to this one, but again, very catchy.
  • Lightning – The Wanted : Ditto. In my head at least. Also not a bad band at all.

So that’s my current playlist that I’m listening to.

But my favourite song? This might take me awhile. If you ask my favourite band I’d originally say Linkin Park, but their new stuff isn’t good, and I haven’t listening to their old stuff in ages, so I guess they’re not anymore. So not one of their songs. My most played song on my iTunes is Release Me – Agnes, but I don’t call that my favourite song either.

Just gone and looked through my library of music. If I had to pick one, and for this I do, it’ll be Paramore with Monster. I like Paramore’s stuff, or at least the stuff I have, quite a lot, because their genre of music is one I hugely enjoy and I do love that track, even if I haven’t listened to it in a little while. So there.

Favourite Song: Monster – Paramore.