Bakura settled down onto the head table with the other lords, smirking as he did so.

“You look pleased with something.” Yami noticed.

His smirk only got wider. “I arranged something.”


“You’ll see.”

The stage upon which their entertainment was being shown was being set up, the live orchestra tuning their instruments to play the next song. The announcer climbed up on stage. “And next we have a traditional ballad, The Song of the Lonely Moon, although we have had a change of singer from the arranged one.”

As the announcer walked off the stage Yami saw that two of his guards were at the side of the stage, holding a struggling girl between them, which they pushed forward onto the stage, and then stood to attention, blocking the exit off the stage.


Bakura’s smirk was huge.

Kali stumbled onto the stage, glaring at anyone and everyone who was staring at her, which was the entire audience. Most of them were whispering and laughing as they recognised the change of singer as a punishment for the girl.

Yami’s attention was drawn back to the table as he noticed Yugi looking at the sky, and May beyond him, biting her lip. He knew those signs, “Something wrong?”

Yugi looked startled, “Umm, no. Nothing Sire. Nothing at all.”

“Yugi, you’re a bad liar, what is wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. As such. It’s just….”

Yami waited, noticing that May looked like she was trying not to laugh out loud as she bit her lip, and the Kali’s eyes had narrowed to slit’s as she glared at Bakura, and then moved to the front of the stage as the orchestra started playing.

“That may not have been, um, the best decision ever…” Yugi’s nervousness was in his voice.

“Why not?” Yami asked.

And then Kali opened her mouth and started singing the song, and the purest voice Yami had ever heard came out.

“Because Kali’s actually, well, quite good at singing. Excellent in fact.” Yugi was sheepish, and May was still trying not to laugh. Looking over to Bakura’s face, Yami was treated to one of the best faces of shock and bewilderment he had ever seen.

Kali’s voice continued to ring out, rising and falling to the tune of the song with a clarity and sweetness Yami had rarely heard. Halfway through the song he saw her shot a triumphant glare at Bakura.

“Score one for Kali.” Yami whispered under his breath.