Had two new ideas for stories over the holidays. One came from a dream, the other has come out of an thought I had after listening to a song, and then has absorbed lines from other songs I’ve been listening to lately to come into a story of it’s own.

First one hasn’t got a title as of yet, but is about students who go to school in a old castle, except that the castle at large is abandoned and dangerous. Except the protagonist, despite being a almost genius level scientist, doesn’t get the logic of it’s dangerous so stay away, and so goes exploring the castle, the off limits bits, as soon as she walks into the doors on her first day. The story follows her as she explores the castle, and dives into it’s greatest mysteries. I have a lot of scences planned for this one already, but a lot of them are from later parts of the book, so I don’t want elaborate otherwised I’d spoil a great plot point.

Rogues is the title (in working) of the second one. The world was in choas, until the immmortals came. Some say that they were gods decended to earth, whereas others say that they are humans who discovered the secret. Either way the immortals came, cleared away the choas and built stability upon the world. Apart form one small kingdom which was the last refuge of those who didn’t care for the law and order imposed by those on high, but even that fell into ruins more than a centuary ago. Each immortal is said to have a soulmate upon the world they rule, and when they find their fated partner, they take them to the stronghold of immortals, where it is said that the consorts themselves are granted immortality as well. The second son of <the leader of the immortals> (sue me, I don’t have names for any of them yet) is the one remaining immortal who has yet to find his soulmate and so when he does one unassuming afternoon, he is overjoyed, except that for the first time, the girl doesn’t share his feelings. Can he make her see that they are meant to be together, and is she hiding something from him?

So yeah, two new lovely stories for me to indulge myself in, although I do have Black Dawn open currently, and I’m going to try and work on it a bit more. As well as the 101 theme challenge. I might post one of those up later, or tomorrow. Whichever I feel like either. Talking of challenges, I’ve found a few new 30 day challenges. Like the one I did at the start of this blog, and I might start one up again. I found that facebook has started a 30 day picture challenge – a different picture each day, and since I wanted to take more picture, I might as well start that. I’ll try it for the month of January, and if it’s succesful, I’ll put all of the pictures up at the end of the month.