One of the weird things I have noticed about myself is my timekeeping. Not in the usual sense, I can tell what hour it is and roughly how much time has passed like normal people, but how I refer to the time of day is unusual.

Whatever time I wake up is morning. Doesn’t matter if this is three in the afternoon, it is morning and I shall greet you with a Good Morning for three to four hours after I have woken up as this is my morning. The other thing is I always refer to tomorrow as the part that is going to come after I have slept. Days don’t tend to go from midnight to midnight with me, they go from when I wake up to when I fall asleep. This has caused some confusing conversations at 3am in the morning when I say ‘See you tomorrow?’ And the person replies, ‘Don’t you mean today?’ No I mean tomorrow, because in my head it isn’t Tuesday, it’s still my Monday, an my Monday keeps to weird timings.