Waking up far too early, packing my bags, half an hour on the bus, and then four hours total on trains, one short car ride and I’m back in Reading for the christmas period. Also it is cold and rainy.

Christmas tree in the living room is all shiny and sparkly. No presents under it yet, but there we go. I prefer presents in the form of numbers in bank balance anyway. Although unwrapping things is nice, and I shall never get bored with having a stocking filled with little presents.

Need to do some shopping still, haven’t yet got presents for my family/friends, but I think me and my friends are doing an impromptu secret santa, and then tasty dinner, so that’s okay.

Although it’s not all fun and games, I have to do final year project stuff and start looking for/applying for graduate jobs. I just hope that I can find something, I don’t really want to end up with nothing come graduation, although I have to pass first, which I should hopefully do, getting a 2:1 is my goal, which should be more than achievable.

But I do get to have tonight to myself, so I’ve been making cards and will probably do something else craft tonight, or go watch lots of TV. Perhaps both!