It is indeed late on sunday, and for this first time in a while, evening LARP was run, huzzah! This makes me happy. It was a 5/6, and I got to do my ritual, although I maybe did something a little silly in the process, but I got what I wanted. Then we had an adventure of mages! Parties of mages are the best parties.

Tomorrow I get to cook a roast, om nom nom nom roast. This makes my stomach very happy indeed. Also I need to stop eating takeout so much, it’s getting expensive, although tasty.

DnD tomorrow, get to run around like the crazy ranger I am.

There was an interesting question put to me, and other people, today whilst we were hanging around the bar talking. If you had to live as one of your live game characters, which one would you live as? After thinking about it, my initial choices would either be Ryanne (Requiem), Tem (Sabbat) or Zephyr (IoD Changeling) but I’d really have to give that one some thought actually. It was an interesting question.

Night Night!