I got taken out for a date tonight ^^ totally unplanned and done on a whim, but my boyfriend took me out to Nandos for tasty chicken and then we hopped over the road to Pizza Hut for cookie dough desert. All this was preluded by us running around the bowling alley playing arcade games and air hockey. He beat me, by one point. So I am very very happy tonight.

Before that the day was a little bland, I need to write out a new to do list to work out a priority list of what I actually need to do in the next week. It involves my graphics work, project work, shopping for christmas, cooking a roast and some other things probably. I need to write it out so I actually know what I’m doing, otherwise I might keep lying in until midday, which although is nice, isn’t all that helpful.

Also I have been sucked back into the time sink that is known as facebook games. There’s a new (ish) one called castleville, which is all about building your castle and battling the forces fo evil, which is right up my street and actually looks like it has some sort of plot, o.m.g. So yeah, sucked right back into that. I am also enjoying the new WoW patch content still, need one more dungeon to valour cap for this week, and then next week I get to buy my helm. Yay. Two more weeks after that is my chest piece, and then I stop looking like a mismatched banana. Hopefully the shoulders I need should drop by then as well.

Christmas is coming, I’ve done a little bit of shopping, but I have to write a list and see who there still is to shop for, and then find a cheap solutions to presents, as I am a student and do not have much money. Already know my new year’s resolution: budget properly!