59. Gift (30/10/11)

Falen was teaching Kyle the Fae language again. It was late, and they were sitting by the campfire as it burned lower, almost to embers by now.

“And these are the symbols for the elements, Fire, Water, Air, Wood, Metal, Earth, and Essence.”


“What you would term life, the thing that enforces everything that lives. We go beyond what you would call the traditional four elements.”

Kyle turned back to etchings in the sand, looking back over them, trying to memorise them. He looked back over the Falen, and noticed the firelight caught some bangles around her ankles, making them glow a burnished golden. He noticed some of the symbols one them the he had just been taught.

“Those bangles you wear, they say essence.”

Falen looked down at them. “They were gifts, from my mother. They’re meant to bestow a blessing on the wearer, for long life and good fortune. An ancient magic.” She looked back to the fire. “I treasure them, since they’re likely to be the only gifts I can ever have from my mother now that I’ve been banished.”

Kyle was silent for a little while. “They’re really pretty.”