Oops. Haven’t updated this in a while. My bad. In all fairness I have been busy with work and stuff, and I just got told something really annoying by the UEA which means that I now have a lot more work than I did before. Yay. Sarcasm.

On the plus side: 41,668/50,000 words for NaNoWriMo done! Slightly ahead of where I should be at the moment. Which is a good thing, since I have been bogged down with work for the past god knows how many days. I have Zelda Skyward sword to play and haven’t had any time to play it. Also my sleeping pattern is currently messed up. Which is fun. Not.

So have lots of work to do tomorrow in the labs, then a lecture, then home, do some more work and research, stop around 5/6pm in the evening and have some time to myself I think. It depends what film is on at anime really. Hm, something to do with Gurren Langdam. Meh, evening to myself it is!

Went into town today for a couple of costume bits and found a couple of shiny things for my changeling character. Really looking forward to playing IoD when it starts up next weekend. Gonna be good!

Promise a bigger update on my life later, and some of the book I’ve been cramming out all month, possibly. It’s really not been edited, and won’t actually be finished in 50, 000 words, which surprised me when I realised that. Books, apparently a long thing.