As most other people in the universe. I hate Mondays. Mondays, through no fault of their own, mark the start of the week and thus the start of more work. It also means that it’s the furthest day from sunday, and thus the furthest I will be from LARP for another week.

Speaking of LARP, yesterday was LARP, and there was a 7/8. 7/8’s make me happy, because either I get to monster, and monsters get cool stats, or I get to play, which is freaking awesome. Yesterday was a playing day. I played my scout, and finally, FINALLY got her to level 8. After she completed the freaking guild day and everything. And the weirdest part is that she still hasn’t used her full heal! And those were freaking hard 7/8’s. But we did manage to fix the plane. Which is a bonus. So now we get to back to the semblance of normality that the system should have been having for a while now. Instead of having world ending plot after world ending plot. Sometimes it’s just nice for the plane to remain saved for a little while, you know?

That was last week. This monday is a little better, since I got to sleep into midday and I don’t have three pieces of coursework due in on Wednesday. I got to play the 3/4 in the evening yesterday. Which was good, but I kinda wanted to play on the 1/2, and now that I have a decent idea for a character, I can actually freaking play on the 1/2 and nothing is going to stop me. But I did get my water mage to level 4.5 And thus the annoyance of half levels starts. I get the point of them, I just think that their annoying, as you do all the work of the adventure, and then don’t progress. That’s not to say you don’t get anything. You get money and sometimes lammies, but that’s not guaranteed. But you get to adventure, and it was fun even if there weren’t that many of us. And it was really cool that out of a group of five we have four mages, one of each element. Go go team mage!