This title would be way more appropriate after the pub crawl, but I promised I would post every day and this is the only point I shall get today.

We had another speed lecture today. It’s fairly revisiony stuff since we did it last year, but specifically, what we’re doing is we a re looking at transform matrixes. It’s the stuff you do when you have a shape in a coordination system and you move it (translate), rotate it, scale it or some other things like shear that don’t come up very often. Except we’re doing it in 3D, which makes it a little more complicated. We also got told our coursework, and the topic doesn’t thrill me. I liked what they did last year better. They got to model submarines. This year we have to land and airplane on an aircraft carrier. I know it’s going to be fairly similar, just changing all the models around, but dammit, I like submarines better!

Then came home and did a mixture of work and WoW. I’m currently levelling up my alt (alternative character) which is a Warlock and I’ve got her to level 13. I’m enjoying it, and also I don’t think that there is a warlock in the guild currently, which kinda make me happy. I like being the odd one out. As my main is a druid and I believe I’m the only druid unless someone has been invited into the guild without me knowing. Which could happen, I am slightly oblivious. I didn’t know we had a Shaman until they joined in on the raid on Wednesday. I’ve also worked out which raids I need to complete my gear set. It;s a fairly hard one, which is annoying, but I’m sure I’ll get it eventually >.<

Tonight – pub crawl! I get to go and sheppard the newbies from campus in a little bit, so I shall be leaving shortly. Hopefully interesting things will happen. If not, more frothing!