Yet another evening in. Mark’s doing okay, he came downstairs for a while and had some little bits of food, so improvements. I did get to go to LARP today, for the morning at least. There was a 1/2 in the morning, and although I had an idea for a new character, I didn’t have all the costume bits for it that I wanted, so I monstered instead. Also I had played last week and then buggered off in the evening to play requiem. (My coat finally turned up, only three days late and to the address I didn’t expect it at, but whatever, it’s a good coat.) So it only felt right to monster again, especially since I knew I was buggering off in the evening to come back and look after Mark.

I got a £20 gift voucher for my birthday for WHsmiths, so I’m probably going to go and spend that tomorrow. I feel like buying arty crafty things, like some of those scratchy foil things that make pretty pictures, or more drawing things. Because I feel like doing some more art things. Like today, I got inspired to draw pictures of all of my LARP characters. It should be fun. And I’m creating a few bits of costume and stuff.

Although I do have to get some work in at some point this week. So I shall have to block out a few hours each day for that. The problem with the data got solved, so I should be able to continue with my report.

Ooooh! Good news! The underwear that got ordered from my party has come through. So if you were at my party it shall get to you soon!