Was going to go up to malestrom today, but having had a rearrangement of plans, I’m going up tomorrow instead, which give me another 24 hours to prepare, and just have a bit of time off from doing things, and also means that I have had the time to make cakes for strom, which I have been saying I would do for a while now. So tonight I get to go into town and get some things for toppings to make them all nice and pretty since I have icing and food colouring already, but I can get some jelly diamonds and things.

Home was good, if a little unorganised. Mum was having the little loo redone, so she was kinda concentrating on that, but me and the girls have decided we want to go to Thorpe Park at the end of summer, so I shall be going back home for a brief time to re-visit people.

So, maelstrom tomorrow. And I’m not quite as excited for it as I think I should be. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow when I’m actually on the field and have had another night of sleep and don’t feel so rushed. And this time I have cakes. Only problem now is finding enough containers to take them with me.

Going to go and play some WoW now, as I haven’t played it in a while. Also being dragged to a WoW card tournament tonight, but I know who’s going to be there so it shouldn’t be that bad. Get to socialise. Okay, signing off for the weekend! Will be back on tuesday (probably) after maelstrom and moving house since I have to move into my new house on monday! Good times.