So yeah, I got my laptop up and running to some sort of decent playing speed (note I have not tried to go in a dungeon yet) and have started playing WoW again. It made me really happy to log on as my druid and gain some more XP on her. Also there is a new level of flying mount (as there has to be) which is 4000 gold. I’m at 3800, so off to questing I go! I also started up a new character. A worgen rogue, since I really wanted to test out worgen’s since they looked awesome, and I am really having fun throughout the starting area. Haven’t finished it yet, but I’m level 12 on her already. I’d forgotten how fast the lower levels fly past you. I’m a rogue because, well, stabbing people in the back with knives seemed like a fun option.

Also since this is the first time I’ve played cataclysm since it came out, I had to re-do all my talent trees and things. It was a little confusing as they have changed some things and now I don’t get to run around dungeons as a tree anymore, it’s a timed thing for extra bursts of healing rather than ongoing. Basically it means before I do anything big I’m going to go and revisit some of the lower level dungeons since I am horribly out of practice. Although questing hasn’t been that hard, well, would be harder if I couldn’t self heal. Self healing is awesome. Healers ftw!

So yeah, going to go and play some more WoW. Also look for a job, because I still need one of those.