54. Stars (25/5/11)

Stars were constant. No matter where you were, or when it was, the stars were always there above you. Gently twinkling in the night sky. It was that stability that she held onto. It didn’t matter what else around her changed, the stars never did, and that was her solace.

She was lying on her back, hair and skirts wafting with the long grass stalks in the night breeze. The grass was so long that it hid someone as small as she was without effort, and framed the night sky the she was gazing at.

It was peaceful here. Nothing to intrude upon her thoughts. She liked the others, but often they didn’t seem to quite grasp that sometimes a person needed to be on their own for a while. Not all the time, but occasionally, like tonight, she would sneak out to have some time to herself. She hoped that they wouldn’t try and come and find her.

The stars seemed to understand, as they twinkled serenely. They were so far away, from everything, yet as she reached out her hand, Lydia felt she could almost grasp them.