As it says in the title, I am currently waiting for a BBQ to be cooked, to fill my stomach with delicious food. Needless to say, it is not coming to that happy scenario in a very timely manner. I’m still in Scotland, getting very bored as no one does anything because I don’t actually know what we are waiting on this time. We’re meant to be being told what day we’re going to do our group presentation on, but they’re not telling us and I’m not exactly sure what is holding us up this time. This seems to have happened a lot this week – nothing happens as we wait on something but we’re not exactly sure what. Although this may have just been me. We go out during the day and then spend the evening in the computer lab putting data into pretty graphs. For this we are using matlab and since I’m a programmer and have done a lot of this before, I’m much quicker at doing it than anyone else here. So I seem to spend a lot of time at a computer with nothing particularly to do. This doesn’t differ much from what I normally do, except that there are other people in the room. Have I ever mentioned I’m not that big of a team player, especially when some of the other people on my team annoy me. So this presentation is going to be fun. Also we only get til tomorrow afternoon to prepare it, since we are presenting them tomorrow and then going home on sunday.

I can’t wait to go home. I wasn’t really looking forward to this trip since I feel it snuck up on me, and it was kinda okay for the first couple of days, but time seems to have done this weird thing where every day seems to go really fast, but then you realise it’s only Wednesday and you’re barely halfway through the week. Luckily there is now only the rest of today and tomorrow to get through and then a coach all of sunday, and I can ignore people quite happily on the coach via the medium of an iPod (although I think my iPod is on its way out, I may have to look at replacing it soon, sad times). Although I think it’s more the lab that’s getting to me, as there was a quiz last night that one of the boys put together and I found that quite fun, and then BBQ tonight, and tomorrow we’ve been booked into the pizzeria for a last night celebration meal. So the social bit won’t be so bad, it’s just the presentation which is going to be a nightmare.

Also I find it highly distasteful that I’ve had to miss LARP last week since we came up on a sunday, and although I’m still hoping we can get back for 7pm, other people find that unlikely, so I’m probably going to miss most, if not all, of LARP this week as well. Which is bloody annoying, I need my fix of hitting people with swords to keep me happy. And I know it happens every week, the point is that I’m missing it when it is happening (this doesn’t apply to maelstrom weekends since it’s LARP just elsewhere). Also the roleplay that is going on the boards at the moment is making me cringe. I honestly can’t see why some of those threads are there, there is just no point to them. I also get what she says when a friend says that Errin is Hero system and it pains her to see what it is now. I kinda agree, there are too many characters that fall on the wrong side of the good/evil line for a hero system. Hopefully the refs will have some of those meetings they’ve been meaning to over the summer and sort some things out.