It’s here. That complete feeling of not caring about anything. Stupid. It took me two hours to find the motivation to get out of bed this morning, which is annoying, because it turns out that I missed a revision lecture I really wanted to go to. I though it was next week, consarn it.

But yes, there is currently a great big lull within my exam timetable, and I know I should start revising for my last exam, I just can;t find the motivation to begin just yet. I am really thankful that there are still activities like Anime and various gaming things going on around the place otherwise I would be in major trouble. I hate it when there is absolutely nothing to do, and I can’t find enough things to keep me amused even with the vast resource known as the internet at my fingertips. I think I might pop into the library at some point and see if I can find a good selection of books to read. If I can get my nose into a good series, then that should take up some hours at least. I would try to find the song of fire and ice series, recently made into the very popular tv show a game of thrones, but I think everyone has taken those books out already. It is quite popular at the moment after all.

I do have some plans, going out with a girly friend tomorrow hopefully, and I should go see my boyfriend at some point soon. But right now, sitting here at my desk with absolutely nothing else going on, really really boring. Although I have just thought of some tv I haven’t caught up on yet. Haven’t watched this week’s britain’s got talent yet, so there’s something. And I probably should go shopping for food sometime soon. I think I have some bacon in the fridge, but not much else.

Just need to go find some things to do really, and hopefully I can get back into revision soon, because yes it’s boring, but it does consume the hours rather rapidly.