51. Go Down Fighting (6/3/11)

“You’re going to execute me, or at least try to, for killing Malakir. Like hell I am going to face my death like that. If I’m going to die no matter what happens, then I’m going to go down fighting.”

And with that Messi ran at the summoning circle, and rammed into the demon there, taking them both from the circle, shattering all the protection that had been given by it. After that both combatants were moving so fast that no one could see exactly what was happening. There were cracks and snaps in the air, as well as blood that didn’t have time to hit the floor before the next occurrence. It was only when Messi went flying through one of the walls that you could see the damage the vampire and the demon had inflicted on each other.

“You’re a fool to challenge me.”

The rumble crumbled as Messi pushed it off her. “Probably. But fuck that shit. I owe you this one.”

And with that they were fighting again.