50. Ice (6/3/11)

Adam finished lacing up his skates as he sat on the grassy tuff as the side of the lake. Since it was winter, and the lake had already has ice start to freeze over it, Willow and Pearl had no trouble in justifying freezing over the rest of the lake into an ice-skating rink they could use. The ice was now about a foot deep, and quite a few people had been invited over to enjoy the seasonal activity.

To tell the truth, he was quite happy sitting on the sidelines. He’d never actually put on a pair of skates in his life before. It was enough for him to sit here and watch Willow skate around, her loose hair whipping past her as she sped around the make-shift rink, as she practiced various tricks and twirls.

He was smiling a little while later when Willow glided over to him, holding out her hands to him. “Are you going to come on the ice?”

With a wobble, he pushed himself up, and tried to get his balance on the blades attached to his feet. Luckily, Willow caught him before he fell over.

“Take it slow, okay?”

“Okay.” She said with a grin he didn’t quite believe.