Right, so that’s 2 out my five exams done and dusted. On monday I had Ocean Circulation, which was horrible as it was nothing like all of the past papers I’d been practicing on. Stupid module overhauls. And then yesterday was Graphics 1, which was quite a nice exams. The last question was awesome and easy, question 1 was good, and then the latter half of 3 was good, so I tackled the first half of it, which wasn’t quite so good, but I did managed to get some of the points down. Either way, I thin I’ve passed those two exams, so I’ve passed those two modules. Huzzah. Oh wait, I tell a lie. I have to do the presentation for the graphics coursework on friday, so I haven’t passed that module yet. But I don’t have any worries about it.

Next bunch of exams I have to worry about are next week, monday and wednesday. And I’m so thankful that there is a day in between the exams this time. Monday is software engineering, which half the exam is going to be on methodologies (it alway is, said by the lecturer) so I need to revise that really well and it’ll be all good. As well as the languages we did, which are matlab, c++ and java. So it’s not going to be hard. Then the exam on wednesday is Solid Earth Geophysics. Which will be alright, since I like the subject, and it’s maths but not that hard maths (unlike ocean circulation which was hard maths) and methods and I can do all that. So next week should be a good week.

And then I have two weeks off before my last exam on the monday of week 5. Which is a) slightly stupid to have to wait that long before I’m free for the year, and b) good because it means I have a long time to revise for it whilst doing other things, as there is a requiem game and maelstrom happening in between the weeks.

But life is good outside of the revision and exams as well. I had so much fun at LARP on sunday, because my mage made a wish with a genie and got turned into a turtle. Permanently. Still mage, and I could cast my spells, but a turtle nonetheless. So awesome. And then I got taken to another plane of existence, and have some lovely new friends. Tee hee hee. But yes, I then became an NPC which is kinda awesome, and makes me happy. Although now I have a huge gap between my character levels. 7.5, 6.5, 2, 2. And my NPC is 3, but NPC means I don’t get to play her. So yeah, I should probably play some 1/2’s soon to get some more character in other brackets. I have got some ideas for new characters as well, so I could start-up them sometime soon as well.

Also looking forward to the maelstrom in a couple of weeks. I’ve been making horns for my character since she changed race to dracosian. I just need to latex/paint them and they should be ready. When they are I’ll put up a picture of them, and possibly one of me in full snazz and horns for maelstrom as I need to work out where I want to paint scales on.

But yes, good things are going on, and the exams aren’t so bad. I’ve had one nasty, and one good, so the remaining three exams should be fairly average as exams go.