Well, I’m back with a decent internet connection. Stuff and things have happened, so I shall elaborate.

First off: Wales. It was sunny, like really sunny, all freaking week. I packed for goddamn rain and sleet and stuff, and I get sun. Sigh. Although the lecturor was saying he’s been going to wales for various reasons for 30 years, and that was the best weather he had ever experienced, so we should feel lucky. Which I guess is true, it would suck to have had to do that in the rain and the wind. So we spent the week looking at rocks and features created by rocks and glaciers and stuff, and there was a lot of walking. And the day we went to snowdonia I got left behind as I went to the toilet and they left while I was in there. I came out to find no group there. Decided to go looking for them, choose the path that everyone else was walking up, which was the wrong one given the choice of two. Got up past where the two tracks met again, about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, decided to turn around and go back down to the car park via the other path, and met them halfway down that. I walked so much further than they did. Without stopping. Why I wasn’t more angry at the time I not entirely sure, something to do with exercise releasing endorphins. And adrenalin. But it was okay from there, and hilarious to watch the lecturors religiously take head counts on the following days.

Straight from Wales to Maelstrom. Strom!!!!!!! I had a good time, for the most part. Little Irritations happened, but oh well, that’ll always happen. I managed to sell all of my stuff, talked to some other Talimancers and will be getting some help from them in learning further down some paths via scrolls and other means, which means it takes less days to learn things, so I can spend more days making things, and I had a few commisions to make, which makes me happy. Also I got blooded by hoenheim, so I am now a dracosian. I’ve decided to phys rep it with horns and make up. Not as far as the golden brood go, but kinda like the one we call “pretty red dracosian”, I can’t remember her name. So I need to make/buy/find some horns and then work out exactly what I’m doing with the snazz. But yes, I had fun at the game, and I achieved my goal for the game in getting a sale, working out the going rates for talismans, and learning the currencies. Next game I’m going to try and get out and about a bit more, as I tend to spend most of my time in/near the tent. Since it’s a bar, quite a few people do come in and chat, but I’ll try to go out and about a bit more and see who I can get to know. Have checked the rest of the dates for the year, and none of them collide with trips I am going on, so I am very happy.

Now I’m at home, and tomorrow me and mum are going to the spa. Yay, spa. I’ve been rooting through all her chests and found some fabric to repair my ripped jeans (multiple) with. And in the process I found some gorgeous material, which I think were in the past a pair of curtains, which would be perfect for a cloak or jacket or something. But it’s nice and heavy fabric, and so will be warm. Will have to ask mum if i can have it or not, but I can’t see why not. Costume makes me happy.

Missing Norwich slighty, and I do still have revision to do, and I have to finish my coursework that I got an extension for, but I’ll get it done in time. Just booked my train ticket back to Norwich, I think the royal weekend is really screwing things up as the train ticket prices are something like triple thier usual cost. Luckily I found a fairly cheap trip sometime saturday afternoon, and I have a railcard. But yes, going home saturday as I am not missing LARP for a third week in a row. That would just suck balls.