49. Alive (11/1/11)

Zechariah flexed his muscles. The atmosphere could not have been tense with three of the most powerful demons, the arch-mages and the necromancers in the same room.

Behind him Elise was actually calm, if he was reading her right. That was weird in itself, then she started talking, and he shifted his head slightly to see that she had a slight smile on her face.

“If I’ve understood everything correctly, then most of the plans in this room depend on having a soul as a source of fuel, and since everyone has a claim to it, everyone would be planning to use Francesca’s soul?”

The King of the Demon’s snorted. “So you’ve figured it out, good for you. It’s still not going to stop anyone. You can’t thwart our plans again.”

Elise continued to smile that sweet smile of hers. “Indeed, there is nothing I can do to stop your plans. But I do know that someone else already has.”

King roared at her, “And who on earth could possibly stop us now?”

“Have you ever checked the state of the soul that you plan to use?”

Several people in the room frowned, as they double checked on her words. And they then went pale as they realised what Elise meant. A murmur, exclamations, and roars from the demon went round the room as everyone found out that the soul that they were depending on was not to be found.

Zechariah burst out laughing as he put all the pieces in place. He realised the full meaning behind the soul being missing, as all the pieces fell into place, and he couldn’t stop laughing, much to his King’s displeasure. “Demon Zechariah, what is so funny about the situation?”

“Everything. She’s played you. She’s played everyone.” He let out another burst of laughter. “Oh she is good.”


Elise smiled, and then raised her voice very calmly above the din, “Francesca.”

There was a movement behind one of the pillows, as a figure emerged from the shadows and pulled her hood down. There was an immediate silence as Frankie smiled at Elise. “I’m glad somebody worked it out.” She then turned her gaze onto the Lords.

“Do you really think that I wouldn’t have planned for the eventuality of my death? Frankly I’m surprised more people didn’t figure it out sooner. Oh don’t look so surprised O Great King of the Demons. I’ve been alive for quite some time now.”