So yeah. Went to the Medical Centre this morning, with a swollen gland, and the most likely cause of this is the mumps. Which sucks, because mumps is infectious, so I have to quarantine myself for 5 days. today is day 2, as it appeared yesterday, so I should be better by monday. I think. And before you ask, yes, I have had my MMR vaccine. Both of them. apparently this is not a guarantee against catching the goddamn infection. I can’t chew properly, so I’m actually kinda hungry now since all I’ve had today is soup. Might actually just grit my teeth (metaphorically, I can’t actually fully close my jaw right now) and cook some pasta to have for dinner. Pasta’s fairly soft, right?

This also means that I have to cancel most of my plans for the weekend. So no pub on friday, no helping out with the LARP awareness fair on saturday, I am still going to requiem on saturday evening, because dammit I don’t miss live games for anything, I’ll just wear a scarf over my mouth and pray that everyone there has had their MMR jabs, and LARP on sunday is probably a no go as well. Although if I had to stay indoors for the next 4 days doing nothing I would go insane, so I might be cheeky and pop out every now and then.

I also have coursework due next week, which I have to do in the labs because it’s programming coursework, and my doctor says I shouldn’t go and has put in for an extension for me, but I might go anyway, because I don’t like the idea of extensions in the first place, and do the whole scarf/poloneck/praying thing. But it is a bit suck, and I do have a course exam on monday that I can’t miss no matter what.

In short, for the next week, things suck. And I can’t see my boyfriend for hugs, because he’s only had one of the MMR jabs, and mumps is transmitted by saliva, so kissing’s right out the window. I need to get well soon. Also, worst weekend ever to catch this!