46. Hope (6/1/11)

College was proving a challenge, although some of this was anticipated and some of it was not. Kelly had decided a while back not to hide the fact that she was unaffiliated, it was better in her opinion to get it out in the open, rather than try to hide it when it would probably just come out anyway, what with all the guild days that occurred. So when they had their first home room and they had to introduce themselves, she had come right out and said it. “Hi, My name is Kelly, I came from Westend High and I’m not in a guild, I’m unaffiliated.”

This had of course, caused a stir in the class, even the teacher had lost his train of thoughts for a moment, jerk. You would have thought that him getting paid would make him more professional than that. So the morning had been spent fielding questions and comments about it, although she had made one new friend in their biology class, Sasha, who had come up, asked her why she wasn’t in a guild, received the answer, and then shook her hand saying that she was impressed as she’d never met someone who stuck to their convictions so surely. Kelly was glad to have one person who didn’t judge her straight off. Although she was glad to be going to lunch where she could catch up with Dan and Michelle who had decided to come to this same college.

Grabbing a tray, piling it high and then paying she turned and scanned the cafeteria for her friends, and then spotted them at a table over by the windows. Sliding into a seat she tucked into her pasta.

“How goes the morning?” Dan asked

“As well as I expected. I swear, even the teacher was shocked when I announced my non-affiliation. Git.”

“Ah well, you knew this would happen. In all probability, you are the only non-affiliated in the entire college”

“I could check that if you wanted me to?”

Kelly raised her eyebrow at him. Dan raised his hands at her “Hey, you’re the one who calls me Tech, and I could do with the practice.”

She shrugged, “Go for it then.”

“You ready for more this afternoon then? At least we have chemistry together, so you can sit by me.”

“I live in hope that someday people will not judge others for not following the conventions of society.”