It’s sunny today! Which is awesome, except I got up like after midday, which was annoying becuase I wanted to do more work today. I’ve got some bits down, but the sun’s been pouring through my window all day, and it’s been really distracting. On the plus side, I’ve gotten into the spirit of spring and cleaned my room, and done two loads of laundry. Haven’t done my washing up, but you know, at least it now in the kitchen instead of in my room.

Mage is today, and since it is so sunny, I’ve been contemplating my mode of transportation to uni. Been thinking about taking my bike, or walking to uni, since it is so nice out. Although the sun is setting, and it’ll be dark when I leave, so I don’t think I’ll take the bike. But I still might walk. Exercise would do me good after all. But after getting to university, it’s mage, which is going to be awesome. I realised last game that I actually have really good stats, and the refs let me have a little tweak of my stats, so she’s better now. It’s the thing, now that I’ve been playing for a year and a half, I can stat characters so much better, so looking back and seeing my current character which i made when I had no idea what I was doing, it’s quite funny to see.

Yesterday we had a charity video games social with tournament, where we pay a little bit to play loads of video games, and then pay a little bit more to enter into a tournament in pairs. Me and Seph were in a team, and we came third! Out of eight teams. Except that one of the people in second place went home before the final round, as did Seph, so Me and Luke got to form a collabortaion team and took second place. Mainly because the other team are amazing at guitar hero, whereas Luke’s never picked up a guitar before and I hadn;t played in months. But hey, got a £5 voucher for Game 🙂 And gave money to charity, so I feel like I did good.

So I’ll be heading onto campus now. Think I am going to walk, it is lovely out. See you all later!