45. Memory (6/1/11)

Riddles were never easy. But somehow they had made their way through the long list of people the oracle had said would need to go on the quest with them.

“Right, only one left.”

“Moran, can you read out the lines for us please?”

“Of course my Lord. ‘Look for the one without a past/No name or deeds to call their own/The gift comes from nothing.”

King Richard leaned back in his throne and sighed. “Each riddle more difficult than the last”

The he heard a chuckle from one side of the room, and looked over to see Lara with her head in her hands and Noah chuckling at her.

“Something I should know.”

Lara was moaning something, which people near her could just make out to be “Why me?” and Noah kept chuckling. “Can’t really be anyone else can it.” He commented at her.

“Noah!” King Richard called him sharply. “Will you please explain yourself.”

Noah put one hand over his mouth to stop his laughing as Lara raised her head up. “It’s talking about me. And I’ll tell you now, if this wasn’t so important to every human on this planet I wouldn’t go.”

Prince Christian looked very confused, as did most of the rest of the court. “How does it mean you?”

Lara sighed and leaned back in her chair, one arm flopping over the back. “Without a past. It means me as I have no memories of my childhood and early adulthood. The first memories I have are of waking up in the tent with the thieves. Lara is the name they gave me. I don’t know anything about myself beyond what I’ve got now.”

Christian frowned. “You’ve never mentioned any of this before.”

“Because usually it doesn’t bother me. Look, whatever happened in my life, I ended up half dead in a forest, and frankly, I don’t want to remember the events that could have possibly lead me up to the place. I truly don’t want to gain those memories back because they won’t hold anything for me. Now since you have your person without a past, shall we get this quest on the road?”