44. Photo Album (2/11/10)

Ashley was sitting on the floor next to Chloe. They were taking part in a ritual that they had done ever since they were little kids. After an event, in this case their latest tour dates across 3 continents, they gathered together all the photo’s and put them in an album, picking and choosing from the best of the many they were sure to have taken. Of course now with them being international sensations there were a lot more photos, articles, merchandise, promo booklets in 3 different languages and more along those lines. So now the ritual became a thing that consumed a few days instead of the sunny afternoons it once had.

But now they were getting to the end of the process, having wheedled out everything that even the least bit unsatisfactory to create the perfect album of the tour.

“Done!” Chloe slammed the album back with a satisfied thump.

“In that case would you like to do the honours?” Ashley picked up the label for the album they had made earlier. Sticking the label on the cover was always the absolute last thing to be done.

“It would be my pleasure” She took the label from Ashley, smother copious amount of glue over it and the carefully placed it on the centre of the cover, then slammed her hand down on it a few times for good measure. “Now, it’s really done. Eveningtide’s World Tour Album complete!”