43. For You (01/11/10)

“Hold out your hands.”

Raquel looked up at her twin. “Huh?”

“Hold out your hands. Please?”

She gave Light an odd look, but held out both her hands in front of her anyway.

Light took something out of her back pocket, but kept it cover under she dropped it in her twin’s hands. It felt cold and metallic, and then Light took her hands away and Raquel saw it was a locket. She examined it, noting the fine chain and intricate engraving on the front. When she found the catch and opened it she found a picture of the two of them inside. It was one of her favourite pictures, having spent most of its lifetime in a frame by her bedside. Engraved on the opposite sides were the words together in spirit.

“Oh Light.”

“It’s for you. A present. Just to say that even when I have to go away, I’m never really far from you. I can’t be.”

Raquel unclasped the chain and put the locket around her neck, then got up and hugged her twin. She hated it when she had to go, but this let her know that Light hated it as much as she did, and although they may be apart in distance, they could never truly be separated from each other.