This is one thing I haven’t explained yet, and since I’ve probably just died in the lastest game, it’s on my mind. So here goes.

Mafia is a game where there are a group of players. Most of the players will be town, but some of them are the mafia. Originally the game is explained as there’s a sleepy italian village, high up in the hills, which was peaceful until one day a body turned up. The mafia are in town, and it’s up to the town’s people to find out who they are. The town’s people don’t know who the mafia are, and the aim of the game is for the town to find and kill all of the mafia, and for the mafia to kill all the town. It’s a talking game, but in the society we’ve been playing on the forum’s.

There are two phases of the game, day and night, which alternate. During the day, everyone meets and talks about who they think the mafia are, and if they can agree with a majority vote, then they can lynch someone. Lynch is killing them during the day. The day will then end and the night begins. during the night the mafia can select one target and kill them. That’s the standard mafia. There are other roles that can be town or mafia or third party aligned that do certain things to affect the game. The cop and the doctor are the two most common roles, the doctor can protect one person a night, so that if that person is targeted by the mafia, then they won’t die. And the cop can investigate one person a night, and then find out whether they are town or mafia aligned. Sometimes there are other roles, but there are so many I won’t go into them, you can go look them up on the net. Sometime we do ahve a third party though, who win when everyone else apart from them are dead.

The current game of forum mafia is being run by Seph, and the theme is dungron crawl, so we all have a race and class with abilities, and we go through different themed rooms. I think I’ve just been lynched, for a godamn stupid reasons as well which makes me mad, because I was actually getting the hang of mafia, and making sense to the other people, which hasn’t happened before. I’ve never been mafia. This is my 6th game, and I have yet to be a mafiso. It kinda sucks, as I’d like to be something else, but often I’m happy just having a non-vanilla role. Vanilla role means that your a townsperson with no special abilities. This game I did, so it was good. But yeah, never been a mafia, never survived a game. Sigh, just once, can I live, please.