This is going to be a combination post. Currently in the Hive, going clockwise round from me, we have Suzan, Seph, Alfie, I have a terrible memory so there’s a person, Andrew and Cat. I did get lynched in mafia, and afterwards me, Alfie, Jenny, Steve and Adam went for a walk around the lake on campus after we got ice creams. It’s sunny out, and this feels like a good day.

LARP update, lets talk about LARP again, because I don’t think I’ve talked about it for a while. My Ice Sorceror died on sunday, which is sad. She was paralysed and then one of the big baddies cast a slay living. Mass Unsoakable Power 12. Which puts any caster below level 8 on the floor from full hits. I was not on full hits and it was a 5/6 adventure, so yeah. Kapow. Which makes my current list of characters:

  • Level 7 Poison Scout
  • Level 5 Ranger
  • Level 3 Air Mage
  • Level 2 Invoker

So yeah, I’m going to start playing some more character. I have two characters in the pipeline, one is part of a group concept that is amazing and ridiculous and is going to be awesome to play in. And the other one is a water mage, who’s called Lily, and she has a pond. Lily’s Pond! I might also start another warrior after those two. I like having a tank, although my ranger is fairly tank, and has just hit level 5 and so has her totem gift, and I’ve gone for a wolf. I’m making her a tracker, I think. It’s hard with rangers, because they have a very set skill list, so you have to work hard to make them individual. The Tavern night for LARP was fun as well, I think I drummed up a lot of buisness for the alchemists guild, and I’ve also been promoted, for the time being. I now sit in the master healers chair. This may affect what basic skills I take. Discern healing potion would be good, for instance. Anyway, i shall now update my character list on the LARP boards. Talk to you later!