41. Fire (20/07/10)

“There are many different things you may wish to know about me. But there are only five that I am going to tell you.

One. I’m better at magic than you. Don’t even try and protest I just am.

Two. Same with weapons, so put that sword down before you humiliate yourself.

Three. I am indeed half elf – half human. You’re a fool to underestimate me for it

Four. You hurt my dad. Congratulations, you’re the first person to ever piss me off.

Five. That, was the worst and last decision you will ever make.”

Willow’s green eyes were alive with the magical fire that had been lit in her blood, having finally stirred from the depths within which Willow had shut it away, fearing what she would do if she released it. But now, this man had come in here, and hurt her family, and she was far too pissed to care.

“You’ve never seen a fire like this before.”