I haven’t actually posted anything really much on anime. One post during the week ten screening in first term. Well, now we’ve just had week 7 of second term end, which is week 19 overall, so 9 weeks of anime to cath up on. The line-ups changed a bit. Now we have:

  • Samarai Champloo
  • Black Lagoon: Second Barrage
  • Nodame Catabile
  • Rosario Vampire
  • Kimi no Todoke
  • Darker Than Black
  • Tests, Idiots and Summoned Beings.

So that’s techincally three new shows. We had black lagoon, and we’re now watching the second season since we love it so much. The short episodes have been replaced by a longer series, since we voted one of them out, and we didn’t have a replacement. This turned out to be Rosario Vampire, which is a bit fan service,with school, and supernatural creatures. And I think it’s awesome. Arakawa under the Bridge also finished, and has been replaced with Tests, Idiots and Summoned Beings, which is school/humour and it’s good.

Lets go through what happened in each episode this week. If I can remember. In Samarai, the three of the main character re-united after a couple of fight scenes with an extra character, who ended up getting set on fire and then jumping over a cliff into a river. In black lagoon, they are trying to complete a job to get a person who makes fake money out of the town whilst people are trying to kill the lot of them, nothing unusual there. In Nodame Cantabile, they were planning their first concert, and Nodame finished composing her music. Rosario vampire we learnt that water hurts vampires (it’s too pure for them) and meet some mermaids. Kimi no Todoke, they all went round Sawako’s house for the afternoon and had a hanging out session, then some stuff happened, they went somewhere else, and then Kazahaya was walking Sawako back to her house and then he almost kissed her. Que the entire room screaming out for him to kiss the girl. Darker than black was  a weird one, with Hei meeting a lackey for a mafia like organisation, hanging out with him, and then then mafiaso got given a doll to take care of that Hei and group were meant to be kidnapping, and he took it round Hei’s place and it ended there which was annoying. And in tests, there was a lot about lunchs, as two girls had made lunchs for the main character, and one of them was bad at cooking, whilst the other was too shy/ashamed to give the lunch she made for him to him.

And I think that’s a fairly good, if very brief run-down of the anime at the moment. We have: swords; guns; music; fan-service vampires; slice-of-life school; supernatural crime; and school humour. I like it, it’s better than it was last year.

The reason I’m doing this today instead of another theme is because I want to give myself some time to write some more of them, as I am starting to catch up on myself. I have the target to write five more before I go to bed tonight, which will give me more breathing room. Wish me luck!