38. Pain (27/05/10)

She lifted her arm up to the sky, and the markings lit up making Latasha throw her head back in pain. The red form of the dragon blazed down her arm, showing through her black clothing as the other ninja’s around her heard a deep roar echo up to them from the depths of their spirits.

A shudder ran up her body, and when it reached her head Latasha’s eyes snapped open, glowing red. The other Zodiac’s had been powerful, but nothing on this scale. Kein was awed, and frightened, and unsettled.

The red dragon glowed through her clothes, and covered Latasha’s entire body apart from her right arm. With a slow finality about it, she brought her hand, palm outstretched in front, down to point at Shu, chi waves spreading off her marks as she opened her mouth and roared words of power at him. The chi blast that emanated from that attack blew out from her with the force of a concentrated sun, blowing everyone within the clearing away from her. When the light died down and Kein unshielded his eyes there was no sign of Shu, only a large black scorch mark radiating from Latasha. Who was staring at him with those glowing eyes.

“Are you going to kill me to Kein?”

She continued to stare at him for a moment longer, and then when he didn’t answer, she ran. The tree’s blew past her as her chi seemed to give her wings. The pain of the Zodiac activating was nothing compared to the pain she felt at having to leave behind the only people she’d trusted in a long time.