This is the 100th post on my blog, woot!

I’m actually slightly surprised at myself, and that I’ve actually managed to keep the blog up and regularly update. I think it helps to have something like the challenge to do, so I can post that up. Which reminds me, I should really write some more of that so my posting doesn’t catch up to my writing.

Right now I am kinda hungry. I’m trying to keep to a budget, so I’m going to wait until dinner to buy something to eat from the campus food outlets. For what sandwiches actually are, I always think they’re kinda overpriced. I’m sitting in the hive having had two lectures and about to have a lab. Luckily we get a hour for lunch in between the two. I’ve just started a new module, Earth Science Skills, which is awesome because we spend all the time looking at rocks and analysing rocks. My geophysics lecturor said that we won’t have a lecture on thursday, which gives me an extra day off to spend in the lab on coursework.

Currently around the table I am sitting on is, some who’s name i can’t remember, Jenny, Jai, Alfie, Steve, another person who’s name I can’t remember (I am so bad at this), and Lizzie. There are crosswords and talking, and I should take some more painkillers before this headache I can feel creeping up actually hits.

I get to go to Tavern Night this friday, I’ll make a post about it afterward, because it’s bound to be awesome, as we mix LARP character with roleplay and tavern drinking! And tonight I get to watch anime. I think I’ll make a post about what happens in each episode this evening, as all the anime we are now watching (some series have changed since we voted them out/ they ended) are fairly awesome.

Later y’all!