35. Ocean (15/04/10)

Luckily in dragon form, Kate had inner eyelids that protected her eyes from the spray that the storm was whipping up from the ocean, so she had a clear vision of where the ship was about to head. Unluckily, this was straight into an outcropping of rocks that was sure to hole the ship and more than likely cause everyone on board to drown.

Folding her wings back she dived down, lightning fast reflexes edging her into the gap between rock and boat, so that she brace her powerful hind legs against the rocks, then catch the boat on her back. With a roar and jettison of flame that sizzled part of the ocean into gas, she heaved, and managed to overcome the current the boat had been stuck in, pushing it away from the rocks and onto a new course.

As the crew found their feet again, with many a shout and a curse, and the ship started a course for the edge of the storm that they could see in the distance, Kate flopped into the ocean, spreading her wings out as a floatation device, and road the waves that splashed over her. Frankly this whole ordeal would be much better in fine weather, but no, the ocean just had to be epic and dramatic.

Kate flicked her tail out behind her as a rudder and used her legs to propel herself after the boat, just waiting for the next mishap to strike.