I just got the best news:

Dear Bernard, Stacey and Jessica,

As you will realise we did not email you at the appropriate time to join this
fieldcourse. I hope that this will be amended for NatSci students in future years.
We are very sorry about this and would like to look into admitting you onto the
course which will mean an increase in student numbers. You have approximately a
similar number of units in geosciences as other student on waitlist but we decided
that given the circumstances, and the increased number of unit choice that your
enrolments reflected a real interest.
. Our critical issue is flights and accommodation; which we would need an indication
of as soon as possible; and unfortunately we still cannot guarantee at this point a
place on the fieldcourse; if we cannot extend the accomodation.

Please also be aware that this fieldcourse will involve a fair degree of physical
exertion (up to 5 miles walking in Santorini with very little daytime shade
available) so you need to be sure you can do this fieldwork (I realise you may not
yet have experience much in the way of fieldwork, so thought I would flag this.

Please reply by return to myself and Rosie if you would like to come on this
fieldcourse. We will then require you to fill out the appropriate declarations.



So yeah, it’s conditional on them getting more rooms, but that is so totally awesome, and I need to tell more people about it. Although I’ve already put in on facebook. But hey, this makes me very happy so I am going to shout out about it everywhere! And it’s been a couple of days since I’ve done a non-theme post.

Just downloaded a couple of new songs: Rihanna’s S&M and Take That’s Kidz. Which are both awesome. I would absolutely die if I didn’t have good music. I also need new music fairly regularly, as I tend to download something, listen to it constanly, then get slightly bored of it and have to find something else to make me feel happy. But that email’s going to keep me happy for the next week or so. Also there is sabbat on saturday, which shall be good. Still waiting on my downtime, but that should come through tomorrow, and I hope I get another geek out session. I will most definately post about it if I do.

So yeah, happy that I might be able to go to santorini, which reminds me, that I really should phone my mother. I would do it now, and actually I can do it on the bus. I have a lecture at 6pm – 7pm. Yeah, I know, it sucks, although I have heard of lecture going to 8:30pm, which is frankly insane. This lecture gets cancelled half the time since the lecturor hates the time as much as we do, which is awesome. But this week we need it, so I have to go. Although it is my only lecture today, so it’s not all that bad.

I could go to anime after the lecture today, it’s a school theme, but I think I want to come back and have an evening in, it’ll be my first this week and I could use one, and I plan to do some more work/revision, so I think I’ll be skipping anime. I also have my laundry currently going and another load to put in when I get back. I should have done more ages back. Oh well. It’s never truly done anyway.