34. Grave (15/04/10)

Meg poked her head out of the alleyway, glancing left and right to check that none of her crew were around, before stealing out of the alley and making her way through the town until she hit the edge where it opened out onto the cliffs the place was famous for. Her path was quite a long one, until she reached the point that jutted out above the cove. Right at the end was a simple cross made of wood, with one end buried in the ground. From underneath her cloak she brought out the bunch of flowers that she had brought earlier. Kneeling down by the grave she untied the string around the intersection of the cross and used it to tie the new flowers onto the cross.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she completed this, and she spent some time gazing at the cross, and then out across the bay to when she could see her ship resting at anchor. For once Meg let tears form in her eyes as she thought back on the memories she had of the person that was no longer with them. Eventually she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, lent forward and kissed the top of the cross.

“Still miss you.” And then she got up, turned around and started the walk back down to the bay.