33. Illness (13/02/10)

Kelly picked her customary white out of the wardrobe, dressed, and shook out her auburn hair. Yet another shitting guild-fair, yet another shitting day of telling guilds to go fuck themselves she was not interested in joining. Sometimes she thought that being unaffiliated was more trouble than it was worth, then she thought about actually joining a guild represented here and shuddered. Besides, white did suit her.

On the way out the door she grabbed her backpack and sports bag and slung them over her shoulders, yelling “Bye.” to any of her family that might still be left in the house. She walked down the lane, turning at the park entrance and saw Dan sitting in his usually spot on the bench. “Morning Tech.” Tech was her nickname for him, which was appropriate when he messed around with as many computers as he did. He was in his guild colours of black and green. Dan turned to her, “Morning.” He stood up and stretched out. “Are you late because of the guild-fair?”

“I wish I could skive, but our dear head always like’s to make sure I’m around. I swear he thinks that me not joining a guild is some kind of illness to be cured.” She rolled her eyes.

“How do you know it isn’t” Dan asked with a grin.

“Oh you are dead, get back here!” She cried as she gave chase. All the way to the guild-fair. Kelly sighed. It wasn’t an illness; she had just never found a guild that she could fit into, pure and simple.