Start of week 6 and I think that finally my cold has died. Thank Goddess. Also I had forgotten just how delicious falling alseep with a hot water bottle was. Last night after I got in from LARP, I was so cold, so I made myself a hot water bottle and had it with me, warming up my feet. Was amazing to lie there with my toes pressed agaisnt the hotness. And it appears to have done me good because I got enough sleep to wake up in time for my 9am lecture this morning, and I didn’t fall asleep during the lecture either, and actually got a page and a half of lecture notes. Sucessful morning!

I hate 9am lectures. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I am most definately a night owl. Mornings are this inconcieable, horrific thing to me, so actually managing to get up and go to my 9am is an achievement in itself.  I haven’t made it the last two weeks, but then I have been ill, and not waking up til late afternoon, which is why I am so glad I’m over it. Although my housemates now seem to be ill, so I do hope it’s not me that they’ve caught anything from.

Today’s 9am lecture was actually quite interesting though. It was a graphics lecture and we were talking about 2D transformations, which is stuff like rotation, translation and scaling, and how to do it in the language we are learning. We still ahve the coursework to do, which is due in week 12, where we have to design a platform game, so I need to go re-read all the notes on collision detection, and see if I can start programming some bits together. I’ve done some stuff like this before, but that was in a designed environment, not a programming one. I should see if I can go find that book…..

My day looks good from here, I’m going into town to spend most of the rest of the day with my boyfriend, and just fiddling around with some bits and bobs. I might even pop to the library and get some books out. I’ve had a desire to see if I can remember some french, which may or may not have something to do with my back-up character in requiem. Also I always need more reading material.