31. Hate (12/02/10)

The sound of clashing steel rang out as the swords struck each other again and again. The two combatants flew together and apart in a complicated dance that could lead to death. One of them broke the routine, and threw a ball of fire at the other, causing him to duck and roll away to avoid it.

“That’s not fair.” James complained.

Willow laughed. “Since when do we do fair? This is a battle.”

James stood up, shaking his white blond hair back. “You know, I really do hate you.”

“The feeling is mutual.” And with that the fight started again, Willow duel wielding her short swords and James currently had a two-handed broad sword. The fight proceeded much the same as they usually did, until Willow got bored with the pace, and stepped it up three levels, showing him what elves were really capable of. James fought back like an animal, but he really was no match for her, especially when she flipped back from the fight, changed her sword to weapons and flame with a flick of her hands, and then flipped back at him. He decided to make a hasty retreat at that point, and hurling insults and swear words at her, ran for his life.

Willow stood back up and surveyed the damage done to her house this time, flicking her swords back into non-existence. She sighed as she calculated how much she would have to steal for repairs this time. “I really hate that man.”