29. Thank You (10/02/10)

Liliana was walking along the bridge, coming home late from a friend’s house. The lamplight flicked her shadows here and there as her boots click out a staccato beat on the sidewalk. Halfway across she could see another human on the bridge, just standing looking out over the river. When she got closer she was surprised to find it was familiar, Christine’s boyfriend Chris. They had never really gotten along, so she decided to just walk past.

“Oy, Lil. What you doing out?” A rude tone interrupted her.

“Walking. Otherwise, none of your business.” She made to move past him.

“Aren’t you the rude one. Stay and chat a while.” He made to grab her arm, and she knocked it away. She could smell that he’d had a few this evening.

“Go home Chris. You’re drunk.”

“Nah, I’m fine. Want to stay out and have a bit more fun with the lads.”

“Then go to them. Don’t stand around the bridge in a t-shirt for Christ’s sake.”

“Aww, Lil. Don’t you ever live a little? Life is fun, you should enjoy!” With that exclamation he threw his arms wide, but due to the alcohol in his system, lost his balance and stumbled against the railing. Time seemed to slow then as a horrible twisting sound was heard, and the railing gave way under the boy’s weight. Liliana saw his expression turn to horror as he felt himself fall, but was unable to do anything. Then he disappeared from sight.

“Shit!” Liliana dropped her bag and coat, and then without a moment’s hesitation let her wings fly out behind her and dived over the side as well. She could see him below, and pulled her wings to her body to increase her speed, and caught his collar. She spread her wings fully out and stopped as Chris’s toes brushed the surface of the water.

With effort she made it over to one of the banks, dropped him there and put her hands on her knee, catching her breath. Damn that boy was heavy.

“W…What the. Hell?” Chris stammered looking at the girl, who’s pure white wings were still visible.

“Half angel, half human.”

Chris opened and closed his mouth a few more times. “Thank you.”

“Oh, this is going to take a lot more than thank you. But saying it is appreciated.”