I just looked back at my stat’s and I haven’t posted anything in a week. Opps. In my denfence, I got better, then went to the 24 hour, and then got really ill again. So all I’ve been doing lately is being ill and sleeping. Which kinda sucks since I was too ill to make it to lecture on monday and tuesday. Luckily one of them puts all notes up on the internet, and in the other I have an awesome friend who picked up the notes for me. Shoutout to her if she’s reading this, which I kinda doubt, but hey.

24 Hour was awesome, although I am so never running the food order again. It’s way too much hassle. But I played a board game or two, and got to play in two tabletop games (would you believe that despite being in gamessoc for over a year now those were my first non- d and d tabletops? yeah seriously. I need to game more)  one was a zombie thing, I forget the actual name of the game, and the other was an inception themed World of darkness game, which was awesome. After that I spent five hours under a table, on top of my sleeping bag. Next year I’ll just bring more energy drink, and say screw LARP for that sunday. Can’t LARP if you haven’t had 4 hours sleep, but sleeping under a table is not proper sleep, and I still have a knot in the side of my neck from it. I was due in to play in another game, but couldn;t due to running the food order, so Will’s said he’ll run another World of Darkness innocents game, since it was really popular, and he got great feedback from the 24 hour.

Another game I’ve just started to play is Echo Bazaar. It’s really awesome, as I’ve watched all my friends play it, and now I finally got on it myself. Check it out, it is really good. I’m going watchful/shadowy. At the moment thier equal, although I think I’ll go watchful primary. I did pick the shoes after all. Also another of my friends says he’s going to run a tabletop/livegame version of this, which I wholeheartedly approve of.

Anyway, I promise to post more on everything soon, but do bear with me as being ill sucks, and I’ve had this shitting thing for about three weeks now!