26. Trust (09/02/10)

Arabella stood at the top of the cliff, the wind whipping her hair round. Her eyes were wide, the realization that she had nowhere left to run sinking in. She could hear her pursers, and there was nothing to stop them catching her now.

Something burst out of the bushes to her right, and she reeled away, fangs bared as she snarled her defiance. “Wait, Ara!” The blond-haired girl shouted as she ran towards her.

“Lydia!” Arabella let her fangs recede, and stretched out her hands to grasp the tiny girl’s arms, “They’re coming, you have to…”

“Do you trust me?”

“Wh… what?” the sounds of the hunters were closer now

“Do you trust me?”

“I… yes, I trust you.”

“Then jump!” the hunters broke through the tree line on the banks as Lydia grabbed the other girl’s hand, and pulled her over the edge of the cliff. Arabella screamed as they went down, certain death lay at the bottom, yet, she didn’t blame Lydia. She did trust her, and death was probably better than being captured. Suddenly the two were overshadowed, Arabella looked up to see Lydia grinning as a drake drew level besides them, then carefully manoeuvred so that it was under them and gently took them upon it back. Lydia laughed out loud as she grasped hold of the feathers. “I told you to trust me, didn’t I!”