25. Family (08/02/10)

Meg sat in the pub, mug of ale next to her feet that she had rested up on the table, leaning back in her chair in a manner that portrayed total relaxation, with her hat pulled down over her face indicating that she really didn’t care what happening outside of her own little world anyway.

In reality, this was so people would leave her the hell alone while she was actually irritated. Some people she really didn’t want to ever see again were trying to force their way back into her life, using the excuse of ‘family’ and ‘blood’ and ‘ties of destiny’. Meg really couldn’t give a shit about any of that stuff. She let them gets on with their lives, why the hell couldn’t they extend the same courtesy to her was beyond annoying.

Someone intruded on her world when they slammed another tankard down on the table, splashing a fair bit of it on her boats. With one finger she slowly pushed up the brim of her hat, and looked out under it to see her first mate grinning at her.

“Ya might be able to fool the rest o’ the gang, but you ain’t getting it pass me lassie.”

“Oh, drop the accent and I’ll actually acknowledge that.” She said, taking the new beverage and getting rid of most of it in one go.

“Fair do’s then. Something’s on ya mind, and I can probably guess what.”

“I’m sure you can.” Her frown depended. “Stupid arses don’t know when to quit.”

“Aye, that’s family for you.”

Meg’s mouth twitched into a one sided grin. “You guys are all the family I can cope with.”

“Ah, now that’s just unfair cap’n”

Meg starting laughing, then called loudly for more drinks. Screw blood, this gang of pirates was her family now.