24. Childhood (07/02/10)

Eve was standing in the stables, a brush in her hand as she tended to her mount, ridding his coat of the mud and restoring it to its former glory.

Lloyd stood at the stall door, watching her perform the task that she could have assigned to one of her grooms. Then he looked closer at the horse. “You still have him, after all this time.”

She turned around to face him, a smile on her face. “Of course I do, he’s one of my best friends, there’s no way I could replace him.”

“Still, you are the leader of the rebellion, shouldn’t you be doing that instead of cleaning him.”

She gave a small scoff. “I could, but I care for my mounts. And there is that fact that he won’t let anyone else near him” Her smile returned. “Besides, brushing him down reminds me of the best bit of my childhood.”

Lloyd looked confused. “I thought you hated growing up in Renne?”

“That’s what you thought.”