22. Torn (05/02/10)

Liliana was curled up into a ball on the sofa, arms tightly wrapped around her legs, head held down to her chest. Chris came in and set a steaming mug in front of the girl and sat down on the armchair opposite. “Did you want to talk about it?”

She remained where she was for some time, before lifting her head up. “I’m so torn.” She whispered. Chris didn’t push, he owed Liliana a lot after all. A few more minutes and she reached out for the mug, taking a couple of sips, before setting it back down. “I’m torn between the two of them. The council is something I’m a part of, it’s in me as much as I’m in it, but…” She paused. “I still… even though I know he’s evil, and I’ve seen what he’s capable of, somehow that doesn’t matter like it should. I still love him!” At that point two tears ran down her pale cheeks, and she let her head drop back down, sob starting to shake her shoulders.

Chris picked up the throw from over the back of the sofa, put it around her shoulder’s and then wrapped his arm on top of that. “You can’t help that. Love isn’t rational, never has been.” She sobbed on her knees, then suddenly broke out of it, and clung onto Chris, burying her face in his chest.

“I… j-just d-d-don’t k..know what t-t-to d-do anymore!”