19. Heal (03/02/10)

“Maragan! MARAGAN!” The old healer came hobbling out of her rooms, grouchy at being disturbed. “Whatever could you be making such a fuss over..” She trailed off as she saw Captain Caruso standing in the middle of the room, the limp, blood-covered body of Meg in his arms. “Please, help her!”

She quickly waved him through. “On the bed.” She rattled around her pot, bringing out the things she thought she would need, and bandages. Lots of bandages.

Caruso was hovering near the bed as she made her way back. “Where is the wound?”

“Across her face. Please Maragan, can you save her?”

“Heal? Maybe. Too early to tell. Go wait outside with your men until I say you can come back.”


“Go!” Caruso looked at his crew member one last time, then reluctantly left the room to wait outside with his men as bidden.

Maragan worked quickly, cleaning up the worst of it, then stitching up the muscles and blood vessels that had been cut open. It was slow work, and Meg kept bleeding, although in smaller quantities. Eventually Maragan closed the wound up, and after spreading herbs and poultices to help healing, wrapped the affected area in bandages.

She sighed, leaned back, dug out her pipe and a light and took a long puff. “Well I’ve done the physical healing. But the mental healing is up to you my girl. If you make it through the night, that is. Blood loss is a bitch.” And with that she left the room to tell Caruso.

Meg slowly opened one eye a crack. ‘Lose to blood loss? Don’t fucking think so.’