16. Nightmares (03/02/10)

Abby sat in the room which was technically hers, pulling a comb through her long hair as she hummed along to whatever track was playing on the radio. “Slash?” Abby turned her head over her shoulder to look at her ‘Boss’ standing in the doorway. “We’re leaving in ten, get ready.”

“Okay then.” She gave it a last couple of brushes, before parting it and starting to plait it. He chuckled at her. “Anny, you spend way too much time on your hair.”

“Boy’s with short hair wouldn’t understand.” She look back at him, with a sly little smile on her face, “Besides, you liked it last night.”

He laughed again. “Ten minutes.” He repeated, before closing the door as he left.

Abby sighed as she finished the plaiting it, and swung it back over her shoulder. ‘Pretending to be my twin? This is my idea of a living nightmare.’ Nevertheless, she pull on her boots and attached ‘her’ preferred weapons to her belt. This was still an undercover job, and she was good at that. Besides, spending more time with the people Anny chose to dedicate her life with gave her more material to throw back at her later. After all, she’d never had the boss in bed.