13. Traitor (02/02/10)

“Wanted, traitorous outlaw. Well I guess they could have found a worse picture of me, and the sum offered is quite flattering. Wanted for: crimes against the crown; traitor to the country; blah; blah; blah, blah, blah.”

“Congratulations, you’ve have now been upgraded to the level of traitor. We should hold a party.”

Tessa laughed at that, and let the flyer drop back onto the rough table. “You, know that’s not such a bad idea Darren. We should invite the local guard, maybe the king’s men as well. Hell, why not go all out and invite the big boss Tyrone himself?” She grinned at him.

“That would be interesting, and short. Do you even think you could take on that many people?”

“Won’t know until I try.” She laughed. “Ah well, I’ll just settle for some sake. Still, it is nice to be wanted so badly. It must break his heart that I never show up.”

“You do when you want to steal things of his.”

“That just lets him know I’m still thinking of him. Ah well, this puts Hazel in the stables for a bit.”

“You do let that horse roam free a lot. Does this mean you’re staying as well then?”

Tessa shrugged, “Probably, nothing interesting is happening at the moment, and going anywhere is now going to involve long detours around guards and overzealous bounty hunters. Too much of a chore.”

“Ah the price of infamy, it’s a wonder we don’t all pay it.”

Tessa stuck her tongue out at him.